Welcome on my personal site! I'm Engineer-Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, currently working @Thales
Who am I?
Passionate about Artificial Intelligence, I got my MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) in 2013. My Master thesis dealt with the issue of applying various Monte-Carlo based algorithm to an imperfect information variant of the Go Game. I then got an Engineer degree from Telecom SudParis in 2014. I finally got my PhD in Computer Science from Sorbonne Université in the domain of Multi-Agent Systems applied to Economy.
During my PhD, my main research focused on Game Theory, more precisely mechanism design applied to negotiation and bargaining and heuristics applied to games. In this domain, I have worked on Monte Carlo algorithms applied to imperfect information games and negotiation. My research also focused on application of machine learning to economy, to predict the financial value of a fund on the one hand, and to predict future proposals of an partner in a negotiation in the other hand. I took part of the development of an autonomous invoice marketplace in a FUI project.
I joined Thales in 2017 as a Research Engineer in the domain of decision making. Since then, I have been working on projects both withing Thales and in collaborative settings involving multi-criteria analysis, statistics and Multi-Agent Systems applied to Distributed Decision Making. I also teach multi-agent programming at ENSTA in M2, and I am a contributor to the Actu IA website.
My research focuses mainly on the following topics:
Multi-agent systems
Multi-Agent systems are the study of interaction between multiple artificial entities called agents. They are used both for simulation and decision, in competitive and cooperative domains.
Muti-criteria decision aid
Multi-criteria decision aid is the domain concerned with the design of models evaluating decisions with regards to multiple conflicting criteria.
I have been working both on Game Theory, which describes formally games, and more sepcifically on icentives in games. I've also been working on AI techniques to actually play games.
Beyond these topics, I'm also interested on other related or unrelated topics including:
I'm interested in epistemology in its narrow (and actually French) acceptation, i.e. the philosophy of scientific knowledge, how science (or sciences) work, what is a science, how they progress etc.
Philosophy of AI
Philosophy of AI is interested in all the topics related to AI that do not fall under science or technology domain, for instance the possibility of a strong AI, the questions related to the knowledge we get from it.
I try to keep an eye on the academic community, going from politics, financing issues to the social issues related to it, such as discrimination, frauds, incentives etc.
Current position
Research Engineer in Decision making
As a research engineer, I am involved in several European projects (H2020). I contribute to technical and scientific deliverables, but I am also project manager, representing Thales in some of them.
I also work in national cooperative projects, including industrial labs around AI.
Finally, I provide Thales units with solutions to problems related with my field of expertise. For these projects, beyond technical ans scientific deliverables, I am also the main contact for the units most of the time
In all these settings, my technical works are related either to multiagent systems, multi-criteria decision aid and statistical model interpretation.
Finally, I also work as bid manager to get funding in cooperative projects in national and international frameworks.