Background, skills and interests

My main skills lie in three topics, that are interconnected from my point of view: multi-agent systems, multi-criteria decision aid and game theory. These three elements are related because they all are related to the automation of decision. In multi-agent systems, I'm more precisely interested in the problem of taking a collective decision. This may be with regard to one's interests (as in my PhD, getting to an agreement), or in a cooperative setting where the issue is how to take a local decision that will serve a higher level decision. MCDA are related to decision in its normative form: I'm interested in the elicitation of the user preferences and utility, what she considers « better ». The last topic is related to decision making in adversarial contexts.

Though I know that these elements do not represent all the decision settings and that there are actually many other paths to explore, I think that the question of decision is really major, and that they can help us improve our lives. But to achieve this goal, we must take into account the question of what we actually want, and also how to take a decision that can best answer the needs of groups.

You can download my CV here:

Current Position

  • Assistant Professor in Computer Science (ISEN)
  • Expert contributor (Actu IA)

Chairing responsibilities

  • IJCAI 2020-2022: PC member
  • AAMAS 2021-2022: PC member

Previous positions

  • Research engineer in decision (Thales) 2017-2021
  • Software developer researcher (Kyirba) 2014-2017


  • PhD (LIP6, Sorbonne Université) 2014-2018
  • Engineer Degree (Telecom SudParis) 2010-2014
  • MSc Computer Science and Engineering (National Chiao Tung University, prepared at Dauphine) 2012-2013